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Accessibility and inclusion

Published: 20 November 2023

We are committed to ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion in our programmes and our workplace. To help us achieve this, the Ogden Trust has an advisory panel for accessibility and inclusion, which aims to ensure the voices of those with expertise in and lived experience of marginalised identities in physics are heard.

The panel has an open recruitment process, with two new members selected each calendar year. The term on the panel is four years and the panel meets three times a year. Panel members are paid for their time and any expenses.

The current panel members are:

  • Claudia Antolini, freelance EDI consultant and science communicator
  • Mary Deans, Gender Identity Research and Education Society
  • Jon Lansley-Gordon, The Blackett Lab Family
  • Khola Mir, Beckfoot Heaton Primary School
  • Pranav Patel,
  • Antonio Portas, Northumbria University
  • Katherine Sparkes MBE, Inclusion Consultant
  • Billy Wong, University of Reading

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