Your future with physics

15 July 2020

Undeterred by lockdown, physics A-level students from the Trafford Partnership have been taking part in virtual careers events, organised by partnership co-ordinator Bernie Motiwala from Urmston Grammar School.

Eight professionals who are all using physics in their careers have given online presentations and taken Q&A sessions. The presentations have included medical physics, computing, acoustics, climate change, engineering for sustainability and nuclear physics to mention just a few of the diverse areas covered.

a slide from the nano technology presentation which was part of the Your Future with Physics event

“Although the school doors have been closed to most during this corona virus pandemic, we wanted to ensure that the door to any future career options remained open,” explains Bernie.

Your Future with Physics has been open to seven Trafford partnership schools who have A-level physics students. Each talk has been ‘attended’ by about 20 online participants giving them the opportunity to ask questions and really delve deeper in the career path of the presenter.

“The talks went really well,” explains Bernie. “They have been really interesting and pitched perfectly for the Year 12 students. I’m really hoping that the talks will encourage them to look beyond our present situation, look ahead to the future and see themselves in one of the roles covered in the talks.”

“I would like to thank you for the series of talks that you hosted on various career options involving physics. They were extremely informative in terms of explaining the scientific aspects that form the basis of each job, and the ways in which an individual can train to enrol in such fields. Any questions were answered with appropriate detail and all of the presentations were visually engaging, with the lessons on acoustics, medical physics and tiny technology being prime examples.”
a slide from the nano sustainability presentation which was part of the Your Future with Physics event
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