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You can’t be what you can’t see

Pupils discover more about the world of work.

Published: 25 April 2022

World of Work is a programme of fun, immersive, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) work-related learning activities for primary school pupils in Hackney and neighbouring boroughs. With funding from The Ogden Trust, the programme challenges stereotypes around STEM careers and the people who undertake them, raising all children’s aspirations for the future.

Hackney and neighbouring north-east London boroughs such as Camden and Islington have growing scientific and tech sectors. However, these boroughs also suffer high levels of income disparity and inequality. The World of Work initiative wants to ensure that young people have equal access to the opportunities on their doorsteps and are aware of the possibilities that are open to them. By exposing children to inspiring careers and role models from diverse backgrounds, World of Work aims to open children’s eyes to their own potential.

Students in school uniform with their backs to camera looking at sound and filming equipment

As part of the programme, Year 4 pupils at Harrington Hill Primary School in Clapton, East London, have been exploring audio and visual engineering in their physics-focused, ‘showcase-themed’ World of Work event.

The students participated in activities throughout the week such as circuit making involving LEDs, buzzers and different kinds of circuits. They investigated set making and learned about special effects in film. At the end of the week, they went on a workplace visit to the Linklaters headquarters, where they were able to work with audio-visual engineers. During the visit, they learned how to use professional sound and video equipment in the state-of-the-art Linklaters auditorium.

students in school uniform seated in front of large display screen showing a graphic monster hand

Students got to experience first-hand the sound and lighting techniques they had been learning about in the classroom. They were able to apply their knowledge of circuits through working with professionals on filming video content and operating the auditorium lights. The focus on STEM content and careers through hands-on, practical activities was extremely popular with both students and teachers!

“Can we come back another time?”

“Learning about the lights was my favourite part.”


World of Work week is organised by Inspire! A charity working in Hackney, Camden, Islington and surrounding areas of London. Inspire! aims to ensure that all young people can be empowered to reach their full potential, realise their ambitions and build fulfilling careers and lives. You can visit the Inspire! website to find out more about their work.

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