Working with local business

20 November 2018

Tardebigge First School, Bromsgrove is working towards its Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) and has made science one of its subjects to focus on this academic year. As part of this science drive, the school put in a request to local business Worcester Bosch for funding to buy lab coats for the children to use. Kelly Horton, Science Leader at the school, explains more.

"We asked for funding for lab coats as this year one of our school's development foci is science. We have increased timetabling for lessons in science across the school and want to look at science beyond the curriculum. We want to look at real life scientists and their impact on the current world, we want to tread in their footsteps where possible, make mistakes and learn from them. We want the children to feel like scientists, and although not all scientists wear lab coats, by putting on a lab coat children can focus on the skills they are being asked to use in their learning.

“STEM is very important in our school, we have had a huge focus on maths in recent years and through bringing science to the forefront this year we will be merging these skills and subjects as much as possible.

“In January, we have the James Dyson Foundation Dyson Process Box arriving for six weeks, where we will be focusing on technology and engineering. This will be an excellent opportunity for us as we are a small village school, with limited resources on site. We are also working towards PSQM, which will acknowledge the work we are doing in science by the end of the year.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to Worcester Bosch for their generosity in funding the lab coats, they have been so wonderful and supportive from the moment I sent an email asking for help. They really liked the 'uniqueness' of my request. Also, thank you to Falco workwear who worked incredibly hard and delivered the lab coats in time for an assembly, so our Year 4 science leaders could introduce them to the school.

“We are part of the Bidford Primary Partnership and although Ogden partnership funding has formally ended, the schools continue to work closely together. The partnership co-ordinator, Lorraine Burrows, is helping us to organise our first science day for reception children across the partnership in January – where our new lab coats will of course be used! Working in partnership, children from each year group are getting the opportunity to explore more science with different children in new environments, they then bring back their new learning to the rest of the class. Teachers also get to meet and share new ideas and practices. We can't wait to watch our scientists in action this year!”

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