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Published: 25 September 2020

The Ogden School Partnerships programme offers funding and support to groups of schools (primary and secondary) that are committed to working together to enhance physics teaching and learning. The Trust is now inviting applications for new partnerships starting in September 2021.

 Visit our Forming a partnership page to find out more and to register your interest.

Why form a partnership?
As part of an Ogden partnership, you will have access to five years of support, funding, opportunities and teacher CPD (from EYFS through to Key Stage 3). A partnership co-ordinator will be awarded a one-year teacher fellowship to help establish the partnership.

“Whilst it might be hard to think about visits, trips and cross-school events at the moment, teachers in a partnership can still work together to support each other and to share ideas, expertise and practice,” says Wendy Cox, Head of School Partnerships. “By September 2021, when funding for our next round of new partnerships will officially start, cross-phase and cross-school activities will hopefully be back on the agenda. But even without these face-to-face interactions, a school partnership can do so much to enhance the teaching and learning of physics,” adds Wendy.

Students and teachers benefit from partnership CPD
Students and teachers benefit from partnership CPD

This year, partnership plans were significantly impacted by the school closures and lockdown; plans for the coming year remain uncertain – but partnerships are continuing to work together, looking at alternatives such as virtual lectures, tours and challenges; using their partnership funding for inspiring resources, prizes and other in-school or virtual activities.

David Gregory is co-ordinator for the Blyth Partnership, which officially started in September 2019. During lockdown, the teachers in his partnership continued to benefit from the shared resources and expertise.

“The resources I received as part of my teacher fellow induction day in 2019 had an immediate impact on all of my partnership schools,” says David. “Curriculum progression was clearly mapped out, simple and effective action planning tools helped to organise our intentions clearly and the moderation grid for curriculum coverage was designed so every member of staff could take ownership of curriculum coverage in their class.

“Empowering the teachers in our partnership has been at the heart of our first year – up-skilling and increasing confidence in delivering high-quality hands-on physics to create a positive cascade throughout our schools,” explains David.

“During lockdown, the information and resources shared by the Trust continued to have a significant impact on the teachers in our partnership. Despite the uncertainty of the situation, teachers were able to work from home on their science curriculum planning.”

Learn more about the Blyth Partnership and what has been achieved in its first year.

Newsham Primary, hub for the Blyth Valley Partnership, take part in The Big Bang 2019
Newsham Primary, hub for the Blyth Valley Partnership, take part in The Big Bang Fair

What is an Ogden school partnership?
An Ogden school partnership is a group of schools within a local area who want to collaborate on projects that enhance the teaching and learning of science (particularly physics and the physical processes). They can be a mix of maintained schools, academies, free schools and independent schools, across the primary and secondary sector.

“Teacher CPD and raising students’ science capital and career aspirations is at the heart of our school partnerships programme,” explains Head of School Partnerships, Wendy Cox. “We encourage cross-phase partnerships applications so schools can better support the transition from primary to secondary science, sustaining and building on a strong primary science foundation, and raising student aspirations to take physics further.

“We welcome applications from any schools in England,” continues Wendy, “but we are especially keen to work with new partnerships in rural and coastal areas, as well as schools based in areas of social deprivation.”

If you want to set up a new school partnership you will need to register for the Ogden grant management system and complete the expression of interest form. To be considered for the next academic year you will need to have completed this before 1 February. For further information, visit Forming a partnership.

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