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19 November 2019

Earlier this month, co-ordinators from nine new primary partnerships gathered in London to meet the Ogden team and counterparts from other schools. The meeting provided an opportunity to better understand the partnership programme and to learn how to get the most out of the opportunities and resources available, as well as offering some valuable teacher CPD.

“I would like to thank the members of the Ogden Trust team for providing me, and the other partnership leads, with such a pertinent, well-planned and insightful day of CPD. Having the time to work collaboratively with colleagues who are so clearly passionate and dedicated to improving the quality of science provision in partnerships up and down the country was genuinely inspiring. Everyone within the group was given the opportunity to have their voice heard. We shared examples of best practice from our partnerships and were able to turn the spark of an idea into something concrete and achievable through supportive discussions.

“At this early stage of my time as a primary fellow, this induction came at the perfect moment. We were all able to ask each other relevant questions and the Ogden team were on hand to provide us with the clear and simple answers we needed. The information provided by the team couldn't have been any more relevant for this stage of our journey and was based on high-quality, school-based research.

“The resources they gave us are going to have an immediate impact on all of my partnership schools. Curriculum progression was clearly mapped out, simple and effective action planning tools helped to organise our intentions clearly and the moderation grid for curriculum coverage was designed so every member of staff can take ownership of curriculum coverage in their class. I lost track of the amount of times that my fellow leads and I mentioned how we couldn't wait to get back to school to put these resources to good use. I already felt honoured to be a primary fellow of the Ogden Trust but the training last Thursday, cemented in my mind what a truly exceptional organisation this is.”
David Gregory, Newsham Primary
Blyth Valley Primary Partnership

At the meeting, the Trust set out their expectations and requirements, and shared tips, tricks and resources for establishing a productive partnership. Each primary partnership has access to the Ogden Phizzi CPD programme and can apply for further funding to create a partnership Phiz Lab, a dedicated space for primary science; these additional benefits were explained, and discussed.

Encouraging practical primary science in the classroom.
Feeling the force: encouraging practical primary science in the classroom

Paul Sapple, one of the Ogden Trust’s programme managers for school partnerships commented: “This meeting was the first of its kind – where we’ve brought together new partnership co-ordinators for a full day of induction to the programme. It was great to be able to learn more about the plans that partnerships have for their first year, as well as being able to share some of the Ogden Trust’s own learning about what makes a great partnership. It was also an excellent opportunity for co-ordinators to network, creating supportive, professional links with one another.”

These new primary partnerships join a well-established network of Ogden school clusters; there are now 99 partnerships (primary, secondary and mixed), involving almost 700 schools.

Applications are now open for new school partnerships starting in September 2020.

Partnership schools work together to plan and deliver a programme of activities to enhance physics teaching and learning. The schools' development of primary science and secondary physics is supported by Ogden funding, CPD opportunities and guidance from Ogden consultants.

Each partnership has a dedicated hub school and co-ordinator who is the main point of contact with the Trust; many of the co-ordinators for new partnerships are awarded an Ogden Teacher Fellowship for one year to give them time away from their teaching commitments to establish and develop their partnership.

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