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Whizz Pop Bang

Published: 24 May 2021

In Streatham Wells Primary, part of the Ogden Streatham Partnership, a group of Year 5 children have been taking part in a science magazine club once a week using the school’s Whizz Pop Bang science magazine subscription.

“The children enjoy finding out about a new topic every month, discovering facts and reading about it in the magazine,” explains Judit Castillo, who is leading the club. “The first session each month is always a general discovery session to browse through the contents of the magazine and read anything they find interesting. The following sessions build on the children’s interest but include adult-led activities, investigations or reading comprehensions,” says Judit.

“I love how the club gets us to socialise about the science topic of the magazine.”

“I like how we talk about the things we found in the magazines. I liked the one about dinosaurs. We look at specific pages and read out the ones we found interesting.”

The school has started to incorporate the online Whizz Pop Bang science-themed reading comprehension into their science curriculum, linking it with reading in class. In their science corridor they display the ‘Scientist of the Month’ which they take from the Whizz Pop Bang magazine.

“Our Whizz Pop Bang subscription has been a great addition to our science resources,” says Judit. “It captures the imagination of our children and is colourful and engaging. Every month you get new ideas and inspiration, and the extra online resources are great too. The club is quite a simple concept but it really works!”

Before Easter, the Streatham Partnership shared ‘Science Takeaway Bags’ and copies of the ‘Whizz Pop Bang’ Science magazine to all the participating partnership schools. The bags contain a Marvin and Milo activity card and resources which the children take home to share with their families, writing up their investigations and sharing what they have learnt.

Partnership school, Sunnyhill Primary, has started a science club for 20 children in Year 3 using the activities from Whizz Pop Bang and the ‘Science Takeaway Bags’.

You can find out more about the Whizz Pop Bang subscription and school resources on their website.

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