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What is physics?

Posters from the Harrogate Partnership have been exploring this big question.

Published: 10 June 2022

The Ogden Harrogate Partnership has held a poster competition asking children – “What is physics?” Pupils from across the schools had to design a poster sharing their thoughts and findings. KS2 classes from six schools entered and the best six posters were shortlisted from each school to be displayed at a celebration event.

“We held the celebration event at Richard Taylor CE Primary to bring all the poster winners together,” explains partnership co-ordinator and Deputy Head at Richard Taylor, Emma Crisell. “The posters were displayed, and physics books were awarded for the best three posters; everyone received individual feedback from the judges.”

a group photo of children from various schools

“We invited Sublime Science to lead a morning workshop of hands-on physics activities as part of the celebrations. It was fabulous to bring the children and teachers together to share our passion for science,” continues Emma.

“We also challenged the children to get busy with their cameras over the holidays to get snapping pictures on the theme of light and sound. We are looking forward to seeing their photos and hope to hold an event for parents showcasing physics in the world around us this half term,” concludes Emma.

children sat on benches watching a science experiment in a school hall

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