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Upskilling teachers of physics

FREE subject knowledge CPD: helping teachers build classroom confidence in physics.

Published: 2 March 2023

“I found the SKPT course extremely helpful. The delivery was exceptional; presenter’s subject knowledge was impeccable. I’m truly privileged to have been part of this teaching & learning.”
Azan, Norbury High School for Girls, SKPT waves participant

Nearly 500 teachers have taken part in our subject knowledge for physics teaching (SKPT) CPD programme since it was launched last year. The topics of forces, electricity, matter & space, waves and energy have been brought to life for non-specialist teachers of physics across England.

You can book now for forces and atomic physics

Our atomic physics and forces modules will start from April with sessions available across England. You can visit the SKPT website to find out dates and details and to secure your FREE place.

“Our new atomic physics module will be covering atomic structure and radioactivity,” says Teaching and Learning Coach, Jess Rowson. “It will feature, amongst other things, isotopes, the forces at play inside an unstable nucleus and the predictable randomness of nuclear decay. Radioactivity is a difficult topic for students to conceptualise as both the cause and effect are often not visible to the eye,” explains Jess. “We will look at ways of modelling to support student understanding and demos that can emphasise the patterns of decay for students.

One adult teacher and three students gathered together

“We will also be delivering a re-run of forces,” continues Jess. “Forces are at the foundation of much understanding in physics and misconceptions can arise early in a student’s education and can be resistant to change unless they are suitably challenged by a well-prepared teacher. During this SKPT module we will be looking at misconceptions and ways of challenging them through pre-planned questions and demos,” adds Jess.

“The delivery of the SKPT course has been brilliant – the in-person sessions and all the support online has been thought-provoking and enabled me to reflect on my current practice and to approach improvement head-on.”
Forces participant, 2022

Under the guidance of subject specialists, participating teachers develop their KS3 and KS4 physics subject knowledge, pedagogy and classroom confidence. Each SKPT module takes up to 20 hours to complete over an eight-week period, with face-to-face sessions covering the required practicals, and supported webinars and online learning to develop subject knowledge and secure understanding. On completion of a module, a £200 subsidy is available to the school (subject to conditions) as a contribution towards teacher cover costs.

Students and a teacher looking down towards a science actvity that is out of shot

Book now for forces and atomic physics: visit the SKPT website to find out dates and details and to secure your FREE place.

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