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Train like an astronaut

Published: 5 April 2019

St Andrew’s & St Mark’s CofE Junior School (SASM) has been busy celebrating science, both as a school and as part of the Kingston & Richmond Primary Partnership.

During Science Week, all the classes at SASM were busy completing their astronaut training. The week included a huge range of experiments and physical sessions, inspired by NASA and Ogden Trust resources, to simulate real astronaut training.

Amongst the many missions, children at the school investigated how NASA designs technologies for space flight; they researched waste in space, the orbits of planets and investigated space soils and how to grow food in space. The children researched how the size of a parachute affects its descent to perfect a space landing; they looked at the materials used to build spaceships and satellites, and they researched the nutritional values of food. Alongside these science investigations, the children undertook some rigorous physical training with agility courses and exercise regimes!

A local primary school joined the adventure, with a group of Year 1 pupils from King’s Oak Primary School working with some of SASM Year 3 astronauts!

Year 5 students from Coombe Hill Junior School also participated in a Big Bang Space Day. The children were placed in smaller, mixed classes and had astronaut training missions, led by teachers from SASM, Coombe Hill Junior School, Wimbledon High School and Hollyfield School. After an exhilarating and exhausting day, parents were invited to come in and test out the lessons for themselves. Alex Farrer, the Scientist in Residence at Wimbledon High School, tweeted the event, which was then liked by British Astronaut Tim Peake!

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