The wonders of physics

15 December 2017

Earlier this month, over 400 people of all ages attended Ipswich Physicsfest 2017, an afternoon celebrating the wonder of physics held in the Waterfront building at the University of Suffolk. 

With generous support from The Ogden Trust, Institute of Physics, Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach, the Cambridge Hands-on Science Society and many individuals, a wide range of talks and hands-on science were enjoyed.

Alongside talks in a blow-up planetarium and a very long display of cam-driven machines (pictured right), there were opportunities to build a spectroscope and see a demonstration of physics at low temperatures using liquid nitrogen. Talks on string theory, the physics of electric guitars, quantum cryptography, why people should study physics and some spectacular electricity demonstrations were very popular and well attended.

“All in all, it was a great afternoon,” says event organiser Simon Snowden, Partnership Co-ordinator for the Ipswich Ogden Schools Partnership. “Huge thanks to all involved!”

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