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The tools to teach physics

Free subject knowledge CPD for teachers teaching KS3/4 physics out of specialism.

Published: 15 February 2024

I now absolutely see myself as a physics teacher. I am loving teaching physics this year and the pupils are loving my enthusiasm for the subject.
Myron Clarke

In England, 50% of teachers have reported a shortage of physics teachers at their school* and government recruitment targets for new physics teachers are being consistently missed. Crucial classroom physics at key stage 3 and 4 is often delivered by a teacher teaching out of specialism which can negatively impact on both the teacher and the students. A recent teacher survey** revealed the top two priorities for professional development are expanding their subject knowledge and improving their classroom instruction; Subject Knowledge for Physics Teaching can help with both.

Subject Knowledge for Physics Teaching 

More than 700 teachers have now taken part in our fully funded subject knowledge for physics teaching CPD, which provides professional development to enable those teaching physics out of specialism to build their confidence, knowledge and pedagogy.  

Our CPD is delivered by expert practitioners through a combination of face-to-face sessions, online tutorials and independent learning. The programme is easily accessible, grounded in research and provides teaching ideas that can be taken straight into the classroom. 

Myron Clarke has been a teacher for 25 years. She is a biology specialist but throughout her career has had to teach other science subjects too. Myron has now taken all six of the SKPT modules; she tells us more about her experience of the programme. 

“I have loved doing SKPT – learning new practicals and new demonstrations that I can use to help improve students’ understanding. I am more confident in identifying and tackling any misconceptions and my knowledge has improved so I can relate the subject to pupils’ lives and interests helping to better engage them in lessons. In our recent pupil voice, the pupils said that they are loving physics and applying it to their lives.

The blended learning delivery for SKPT has been fantastic as I could learn at my own pace – when I had an especially busy week in school I could wait and catch up the following week. The tutors were all very good. They had lots of ideas and modelled how to help pupils to grasp difficult concepts. They were very helpful both at the face-to-face days and online afterwards. The online lessons are available after you complete the module, so you can go back and review them when they are relevant to your teaching curriculum, which is very helpful.

I have grown as a teacher throughout this course and have found the topics interesting and challenging. I have enjoyed every one of the six modules. I am now so excited about teaching physics that other members of my faculty are also interested in doing the course. I would recommend SKPT to any teacher who has an interest in physics and wants to improve their knowledge to teach the subject to a higher standard.

I now absolutely see myself as a physics teacher. I am loving teaching physics this year and the pupils are loving my enthusiasm for the subject.”

A picture with a student on the laptop looking at SKPT content.

Learn more and book your free place

Develop your teaching skills and confidence to bring physics to life in the classroom. Booking is now open for summer term sessions in Forces and Atomic Physics, with sessions starting in April. We also have a SKPT residential offering three SKPT modules.
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** * 

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