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The Great Science Share 2019

Published: 2 July 2019

Last month, 466 Great Science Share events were held around the UK, with more than 63,000 pupils sharing their scientific questions and investigations. The event continues to grow year on year and once again, many Ogden schools and partnerships took part in this nationwide event.

Eight schools from the Oldham Primary Partnership went to the Regional Science Centre Oldham to take their part in the Great Science Share. Year 4 and 5 pupils took part in activities on forces, electricity, sound and properties of materials and reactions. Six students from each school decided on an activity they wanted to share and demonstrated their investigations to the students from the other schools.

“I liked the magnet experiment because we were testing out lots of different magnets. I also liked the lava lamp experiment because it was interesting watching the oil and water separate from each other.”

“I liked learning about gravity and forces it was really fun.”

“I liked the magnetic experiment and the air compression with the paper aeroplanes!”

“I liked all the experiments! I think the aeroplane game was the best!”

Budding Scientists from schools across Rochdale arrived at Number One Riverside for their Great Science Share, which was organised by Chris Lowe, Assistant Headteacher at Lowerplace Primary School (hub for the Ogden Rochdale Primary Partnership) and Rebecca Unwin, science teacher at Falinge Park High School.

Thirteen schools, including three secondary schools and three Ogden partnership schools, showed off their scientific investigations on electricity, forces, chemical reactions, meteors and much more.

Chris says: “It was a fantastic day; the atmosphere was electric. It is really exciting to showcase the best of science where Dippy will soon be sat proudly [Dippy, the Natural History Museum’s iconic Diplodocus cast, is on a natural history adventure across the UK]. The students displayed such astounding scientific knowledge. I am always impressed with the passion and enthusiasm for science from our young people.”

The Great Science Share is an annual award-winning event that has attracted major industry partners keen on encouraging the next generation of science and engineering superstars. Dr Geoff Mackey, BASF Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director, says: “We believe in the Great Science Share for Schools. For all our futures we have to collaborate and invest in these types of initiatives. We are proud to be working together with The University of Manchester and a wide range of partners on this campaign.”

Dr Lynne Bianchi, Director of Manchester University’s Science & Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub (SEERIH)who leads the programme, says: “Once again the Great Science Share for Schools has grown and it’s outstanding to see how such a simple concept can spread so wide. We are proud to be able to give children an opportunity where their scientific questions and interest are valued.

“In the busy world of schools, it’s never easy to do something extra but it’s evident that there is an appetite from teachers to let children take more control of their learning.”

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16 June 2020 – The Great Science Share

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