Terrific Scientific

15 May 2018

Scientists know many amazing things, but there are simple everyday things that remain unexplained and are often even more amazing. 

Have you ever wondered, for example, what shape the Milky Way is, or whether or not alien life forms really exist? Ogden Science Consultant Amanda Poole, has been working with BBC Terrific Scientific to consider some of the simple everyday things that remain a scientific mystery. 

Perhaps one of the young scientists taking part in Terrific Scientific will be able to come up with the answers? Or maybe they would prefer to come up with their own questions? 

The final Terrific Scientific investigation has now been launched: Question, is a chance for pupils to re-visit the Terrific Scientific investigations and to take the science into their own hands! Pupils will be able to ask their own questions and share their results, either in the classroom, across their school or at one of the Terrific Science Share events being planned across the UK this summer.

Everything you need to take part in the Terrific Scientific curriculum linked science investigations is available on the BBC Terrific Scientific website, including detailed lesson plans, student worksheets and cross curricular activities. There are also online resources providing additional support for science learning.

Amanda has also collaborated with Terrific Scientific on some other fab science features, full of fun facts and information to impress your friends.

Terrific Scientific is a bold and ambitious campaign from the BBC to inspire 9-11-year-old pupils to engage with science through exciting, innovative and accessible mass-participation investigations. The Ogden Trust is one of the ‘champions’ for the initiative.

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