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Tallest, fastest, strongest, longest!

Primary pupils explore these ideas in their partnership Physics Olympics

Published: 15 May 2023

The Ogden Falmouth Partnership is now in its second year, bringing eight local schools together to raise the profile of primary science in their network and to build the confidence and science skills of pupils and teachers alike. Over their first partnership year, the children started to show real enthusiasm for science and as the partnership continues to build momentum, pupils are developing deeper science understanding and applying their working scientifically skills.

Last month, the partnership held their first Physics Olympics, with 28 pupils from seven of the partnership schools using their physics know how and working scientifically skills to complete in a series of tasks. Across four heats, the children got hands-on as they worked together to find the tallest, the fastest, the strongest and the longest!

a group of primary pupils in a schools hall - some of the group are standing, others are kneeling at the front

In the four challenges, the children tried to make the tallest paper tower and the strongest boat; they investigated the fastest way to empty water and tried to make the best catapult to send a marshmallow on the longest journey through the air!

“We were very excited to host our first ever Physics Olympics final,” explains Matthew Barnard, science lead at Falmouth Primary Academy and partnership co-ordinator. “Each school had already held their own competitions to select the teams that would represent them on the day, and we were really impressed with the skills they all showed – good communication, problem solving, working under pressure, perseverance and being creative in their learning! Congratulations to Constantine Primary for taking home the title.”

three children are pouring water from a bottle into a red tray - other children are watching them


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