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Catch up on all the latest news and updates from The Ogden Trust and across our network as we share initiatives, ideas and best practice.

A group of training teachers sitting together. Working through the task.

Mentoring and support for early career teachers of physics

20 May 2024

"I would honestly say that the Early Career programme is the best thing that teachers can do because there is so much support."

A picture of a lady in a red shirt, writing a equation about friction.

Empowering early career teachers of physics

6 May 2024

"Teachers of physics need an experienced and friendly person to hold their hand and make them enjoy their work during the start of their career.”

A student female is looking at a sheet of paper along with a poster behind her with science facts.

Pupils launched into Orbyts

19 April 2024

New Impact Report shares feedback from this transformative programme.

This is a picture of Jo Beswick. She is white ethnic, she has light brown hair, her hair is shoulder length and wavey. She has a blue and white stripy shirt on. Her background is a classroom.

Supporting early career teachers of physics

17 April 2024

Applications now open: "It has transformed how I teach physics and how I feel about teaching physics."

A classroom with students sitting, with the teacher. Conducting a science experiment,

Super science

7 March 2024

STEM leaders from the Lewisham Partnership share the excitement of science with primary pupils.

Niki Thomas who works at The Ogden trust as a Teaching & Learning Coach. Is in a room in this picture teaching SKPT (subject knowledge physics teaching)

The tools to teach physics

15 February 2024

Free subject knowledge CPD for teachers teaching KS3/4 physics out of specialism.

Five 'dice' spelling out the word TEACH

Teach Physics 2024

7 December 2023

Are you a physics or engineering undergraduate thinking about going into physics teaching?

Early career support

2 November 2023

Applications are now open for our Early Career programme.

Teach Physics 2023

1 December 2022

Applications for Teach Physics placements in summer 2023 are now open.

A festival of physics teaching

26 August 2022

Early career teachers from the Ogden network gather for a summer conference of inspiring CPD, workshops and networking before they head (back) to the classroom.