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Supporting professional development leaders

New report published to inform effective practice in supporting professional development practitioners

Published: 27 January 2022

This week, more than fifty people gathered online for the launch of a new research report investigating support for ‘remote’ professional development leaders.

The report is based on a small-scale study into professional development leaders who work with and for The Ogden Trust and The Primary Science Quality Mark (University of Hertfordshire). The aim of the study, commissioned by the Trust and carried out by Sheffield Institute of Education (Sheffield Hallam University), is to better understand how professional development leaders can be supported.

The online event explained the approach taken to the study and talked about the findings, which include consideration of how professional development leaders are recruited, their professional learning needs, and the support offered by the organisations they work for.  The event also shared recommendations for those who use ‘remote’ professional development leaders.

The variety of networks and different community of support professional development leaders are accessing is a really interesting point.
(STEM Learning)

Your findings highlight the benefit of working with other professional development leaders and benefit of belonging to a community.

Thank you – a really interesting session. Looking forward to reading the report in more detail.

“Our network of professional development leaders is critical to the success of The Ogden Trust,” says Wendy Cox, Head of Education for the Trust who chaired the event. “The findings from this study, and from the valuable discussions at our launch event, will inform our plans and provisions going forward.

“Working with the PSQM and the research team from Sheffield has been a valuable and positive process and we hope that this report will make a useful contribution, not only to our own work, but to the approach other organisations take in their support of ‘remote’ professional development leaders.”

The report, which is available for download from our publications library,  will contribute to the understanding of effective practice in supporting practitioners operating in the role of professional development leaders.

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