Super Sound

17 March 2017

On Thursday 9th March, nearly 90 students took part in a Bidford Primary Partnership Science Day at Alcester St Nicholas’ CofE Primary School. Chloe Kearney and Grace Howarth from Mappleborough Green Primary School took part – here is their report on the day…. 

Nine scientists full of enthusiasm from Mappleborough Green Primary School arrived at St Nicholas’ to learn about science, in particular sound. With Bidford, Tanworth and St Nicholas’ we had a phenomenal day and if we got the chance to go again we definitely would.

Our scientists were split into three different groups where we experimented on how sound travels and we learnt about vibrations and pitch.  In our first experiment, we had three bottles and we blew into them to see the pitch of the sound. Then we tapped the bottles with metal spoons to see what the pitch would be. We were very successful with the experiment.

In the lessons, we made brand new friends that helped us with our experiments. Especially in our second experiment where we did two in one.

We made ear gongs with a metal coat hanger and string and we tapped them with a metal spoon to create a noise through the string. The next experiment was to make string telephones. We used polystyrene cups, string and a paperclip to help the sound travel. Our trip concluded with a fun session creating a speaker that actually produced sound.

Overall, Year 5 had an amazing day learning many new exciting facts that will be of much use to us in the future. We really appreciated all the effort put into this amazing day. We loved it!

Chloe Kearney and Grace Howarth





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