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1 May 2018

The fourth annual Primary Science Fair was held last month at the School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Birmingham. Primary school pupils from Ogden partnerships in the Midlands gathered to share their research and explain to the judges the outcomes of their experiments. The research each child chose to do was entirely based on what aspect of science they wanted to explore, and the results were wide-reaching and impressive!

Thirteen schools participated this year, with 76 students grouped in three age-categories: Early years and Key Stage 1, Lower Key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2. All entries had to be displayed on a three-panelled board and were marked on their scientific content, clarity of display and quality of explanation of the research project.

Projects included: 

  • Do heavier objects fall quicker than lighter objects? 
  •  No sugar thanks – I’m sweet enough! 
  •  Should we ban glitter in schools? 
  •  What is the strongest edible acid?  
  •  My Home-Made Telegraph  
  •  Why Are Plastics a Problem

and many, many more!

While the judges, including academics and student ambassadors from the University and members of The Ogden Trust, were deliberating about which would be the winning presentations, the children had a chance to listen to Lynne Long’s exciting talk on the Physics of Hot and Cold. A retired school Liaison Officer for the School of Physics & Astronomy, Lynne wowed the children with liquid nitrogen and the weird world of the very cold. 

“It was great, I had fun. My favourite bit was the liquid nitrogen experiment Mille, Year 5
“It was fun, the liquid nitrogen was very interesting” Summer, Year 4
“It was awesome! I won a medal, I was very pleased!” Jonathon, Year 3
“it was extremely good and I like all of it! Holly, Year 6

“The children were so excited to show their science fair projects,” enthused teacher Jo Tomkinson from The Coppice Primary School. “The judges asked them really good questions about their work that they could answer in depth; it must have so hard to choose as the children across all the schools did such fantastic projects! The talk on liquid nitrogen at the end of the Fair rounded off a good day which I am such the children will remember for ever.  It was really well organised and has inspired the future generation of super scientists.” 

Ogden Primary Partnership Manager, Kirstin Greygoose, presented gold, silver and bronze awards to the winners in each of the three age groups.
Ogden Primary Partnership Manager, Kirstin Greygoose, presented gold, silver and bronze awards to the winners in each of the three age groups.
"I liked the science fair because I got a prize and a silver medal, I was so excited when they said my name. I felt elated with coming second. I have told my friends to all enter next year and I definitely will!"
Gabriel, Year 1

“The Primary Science Fair has been a great success in enthusing young pupils towards science; we plan to continue running this event and hope that it will attract even more primary schools in future years,” says Dr Maria Pavlidou, the School Liaison Officer at the University who co-ordinated the event. “Credit must to go to everyone who entered. The long list of winners from the Fair shows just how hard it was for the judges to choose between the many amazing projects!” concludes Maria.

"I enjoyed talking to other children and seeing the projects from other schools, they were so good! I liked my day out at the university especially going to see the tall clock."
Sam, Reception

"The science fair was amazing because I've never been there before, I liked telling my mummy about it because she went there to study. I liked talking about my project to the judges they asked me really good questions and I could answer them all."
Amber, Year 1 

Feeling inspired? Why not plan your own school science fair – our handy How to guide might help you. 


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