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Super scientists in action

Launching a science ambassador scheme to share the wonder of science.

Published: 21 October 2022

The Redstart Partnership is an Ogden established collaboration which officially launched in September 2022. The partnership includes 10 primary schools in the south west of England and under the leadership of Roger Hunt, Year 4 teacher at the Redstart Primary School, they are committed to building teacher confidence in delivering science, raising pupil science capital and enthusiasm for physics, and raising the profile of physics across the schools.

At the beginning of this academic year, their first partnership initiative was to launch a pupil science ambassador scheme. Children from each of the 10 partnership schools came together to be trained as Science Ambassadors.

children sat on the floor in a group with an adult

Sally helps to train the new Science Ambassadors.

The action-packed day first saw 24 children introduced to the role of a science ambassador and then being trained on qualities such as creativity, communication and mindset – all of which will help them to be successful in their new role.

Lots of fun activities were woven into the day, most of which could be taken back to their own schools and demonstrated by the new ambassadors to children right across the school. Balancing a cardboard butterfly on the tip of a finger was a simple but mesmerizing ‘trick’, making a balloon kebab was a huge hit, as was dropping a key which then didn’t hit the ground!

The children even had a visit from the head of science from their local secondary school who demonstrated a Van Der Graff generator to them – a hair raising experience for several pupils!

A grown up in a white lab coat demonstrates a Van Der Graff generator to three seated children

The Van Der Graff generator.

It is hoped that the science ambassador scheme will support these pupils throughout the year to foster a passion for science across the partnership schools.

Sally Fulford, regional rep for the Ogden Trust, commented that “it is down to the enthusiasm of the new partnership schools and the organisation of its co-ordinator that this event has happened in such a timely manner. It will now allow these children to have a whole year of being an ambassador for a subject they clearly love’.”

Roger Hunt commented: “It was such a good day. The children really enjoyed it and it was so lovely to see children from different schools mixing together, making new friends and being confident enough to explain their findings to the group without any fear of failure.”

“It was really good fun,” enthuses one of the new ambassadors. “I loved the activities like balloon kebabs and the film canister rockets. I’m really proud of my ambassador’s badge and I’m going to wear it every day at school.”

Want to start your own ambassador programme
Why not download our helpful How to guide from the resources section of this website?

Do you want to join our partnership programme?

Applications for new partnerships starting in 2023 are open now.

A local cluster partnership (a group of four or more schools within a local area) can apply for up to £2,500 per academic year for the first three years and up to £1,000 in the fourth year for partnership activities to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. A further grant of up to £250 is available as partnerships move into their legacy phase. In the first year, partnership co-ordinators are awarded a time buy-out giving them half a day a week to build relationships across the cluster and establish the partnership.

An established collaboration partnership (a group of four or more schools associated through a multi-academy trust (MAT), MAC, federation, educational trust, etc) can apply for up to £2,000 per academic year for the first three years and £1,000 in the fourth year for activities to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. The partnership lead is eligible for up to two years of time buy-out to support the partnership.

Partnerships receive support from Ogden regional representatives and teachers at all partnership schools can access Ogden CPD from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3.


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