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Super science

STEM leaders from the Lewisham Partnership share the excitement of science with primary pupils.

Published: 7 March 2024

STEM leaders from Bonus Pastor Catholic College, hub school for the Lewisham Partnership, have been visiting local partnership primary schools to share their super science and physics facts. The Year 9 STEM leaders visited two schools in January and will be heading out across the partnership over the coming months.   

Primary pupils were shown how to extract hydrogel in nappies, engage in milk art, make a disc hovercraft and investigate flame balloons. These hands-on activities were then followed up with a science quiz.  

Our first experiment was about making hovercrafts. We had a DVD disc, blu tac, a balloon pump and some balloons. First, we had to stretch the blu tac, but we don’t have to stretch it too much, or else it will split! Next, we had to cover the sides of the disc. Then, we had to pump up the air balloon. We had to hold the end of the balloon, where the air leaks out. After that, we put the end of the balloon to the top of the disc. Finally, we managed to glide the disc, and it had plenty of air! 

Next, we did the powder experiment. We were given nappies, and a plastic jug. First, we cut the bottom of the nappy and it had powder inside. Next, we removed the fluff and put the powder inside the jug. We learnt that if water mixes with powder, it can become a bubbly jelly-type substance. It was like ice, but it didn’t melt.

The last experiment was the balloon one. The balloon popped when it hit the candle’s flames. Luckily, the candle went out, but during that pop, I nearly skipped a beat! 

I love STEM! I wish I could be a Bonus Pastor student to help more people and visit schools!
Year 4 pupil report

“It has been a busy and exciting start to the year for our STEM leaders,” explains partnership co-ordinator Everton McClymont. “As well as starting their visits with local primary schools they supported our recent Stargazing evening which saw 65 parents and their children visit Bonus Pastor. The evening featured an immersive talk in a Planetarium, an opportunity to look at the night sky through our reflecting telescopes and a chance to build and launch model rockets. The children were well supported by our year 9 STEM leaders and our year 10 prefects. 65 parents and their children attended the event.” 

Three people staring at night into the sky, to watch the stars. Along side them is a telescope on a stand, for anyone who wants a closer look.

Staff, parents and students from Bonus Pastor Catholic College watching the stars.


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