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Super science!

Pupils share their science investigations at their school science fair.

Published: 15 May 2022

Last month, all pupils at St Clement’s CofE Primary School in the Ogden Rivers MAT Partnership were invited to take part in a super science fair! Pupils were asked to complete a science project at home with their families and make a board showing their experiments.

A poster exploring the question: can water walk


They brought these back into school after the Easter holidays and the school invited parents and families in to look at the projects. The children came from their classes to talk about the scientific skills involved and what they had learn. The projects were also shared on social media.


Mrs Atkinson, Headteacher, said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for our whole community to get involved and celebrate science. The children at St Clement’s really enjoy their science lessons and it was great to involve our families in this event.

A science display investigating magnetism

A school science fair is a great enrichment project. It provides fantastic outcomes for children and is an effective way to encourage pupils and families to learn together. Science fairs can be expanded to encourage collaboration across schools and partnerships with inter-school competitions an effective and fun project.

Running a science fair can increase the profile of science in school and inspire and engage children and their families. The Ogden Trust How to guide offers advice, timelines and ideas for running a science fair.

You can download the guide on the resources page of the website.

a poster exploring science questions about explosions and rainbows

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