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Summer of science

A busy summer term of science for the Ogden North Worcestershire Partnership.

Published: 31 August 2022

The Ogden North Worcestershire Partnership had a busy summer term of science which included a family learning day organised at St Barnabas School and a science ambassador conference.

The local STEM Ambassador Hub, based at the University of Worcester, supported the family learning day by organising local ambassadors to host workshops at the school, sharing their love of STEM, their career journeys and giving their top tips to the next generation of budding scientists.

You can learn more about the event and the ambassadors in the Ambassador handbook that was created for the event.

Students and staff from Years 3, 4 and 5 along with their parents/carers took part in activities throughout the day. “As a result of our school’s great work with the Ogden Trust and Worcester University, we were selected for this incredible STEM day led by professional scientists,” explains Headteacher, Sarah Hanson. “Themes included: energy and climate change; using microscopes to investigate pollen; inside the body – the immune response; and how materials change. It was a magnificent event and we are very lucky to have been given this amazing opportunity to raise the profile of STEM in school”

“We would 100% definitely want to run an event like this again,” added  the science lead, Annabel. “The staff, children and families enjoyed it immensely. The day raised the profile of science in school and the children were buzzing.”

boy and girl looking at a science experiment

“The ambassadors were really passionate and their enthusiasm shone through which was fantastic to see.”

“The practical elements of the day were brilliant. I loved seeing the children engage and really think about things.”
Parent feedback

Whilst the family learning day benefitted from the fantastic ambassador hub at the university, the science ambassador conference celebrated the partnership’s very own science ambassadors. Thirty-six Year 4 ambassadors from eight partnership schools have been helping to raise the profile of science in their schools by running competitions, organising science activities in the playground, talking to parents at open evenings, acting as science technicians and talking to other children about science in assemblies.

The ambassadors celebrated their achievements at the conference which was held at RGS Worcester. “It was inspiring to hear how motivated and engaged the science ambassadors were,” commented Janinne Delorenzo, regional rep and enrichment lead for The Ogden Trust. “They were so confident when talking to children from other schools about their creative activities. I was so impressed with them all”

As well as motivating the pupils with some exciting science practical activities that the ambassadors can show in their own schools, the staff from RGS helped them to plan their activities for the next academic year.

two girls pouring water into a flask as part of a science experiment

“I love being a science ambassador because I get to help other students get excited about science!”

“Science Ambassadors is such a fantastic opportunity for these children to take ownership of a subject they are passionate about,” added one of the teachers involved in the day. “It was great to see the children discussing their roles with one another and sharing ideas. I’m excited to see what they decide to do next!”


a group photo of pupils with their teachers

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