STEMming the generations

10 July 2018

Last month, the Ogden Trafford Partnership held a physics busking morning with Year 8 physics ambassadors and STEM ambassadors who are already out in the workplace. The STEM ambassadors, whose careers now use their physics knowledge, presented short and whacky activities to the Year 8s who came from local schools: could the students explain the physics behind these? 

One of the highlights of the day was the ‘speed interview’ session, where the students talked to the STEM ambassadors to find out how physics had been a part of their journey to the jobs they hold today. 

The student physics ambassadors impressed their older counterparts with their knowledge and enthusiasm, as well as their determination to learn the sleight of hand needed to impress an audience with some of the physics busking tricks! These young ambassadors will continue to share their own physics fun with their peers and local primary students, bringing with them the new knowledge and confidence they gained from the morning. 

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