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STEM Theatre in a Box

Bringing science to schools and families through the mediums of puppets, dance and theatre.

Published: 17 May 2022

Launched in 2019, STEM Theatre in a Box is a cross-curricular learning project, exploring the work of super female and ethnic minority scientists, through the mediums of puppets, dance and theatre. Resource boxes and performances have been developed to bring the science to life. The Trust has supported the initiative with a grant to help develop the initial resources and help progress plans for the project.

So far, 120 boxes have been supplied to schools and clubs featuring the stories of Dr Jane Goodall and Dr Patricia Bath. Online workshops were used to support and develop the programme during the height of the pandemic, and the resources were used for key worker lessons in school and home learning. The project has also now been taken to the Keighley Arts and Film Festival, and Bradford Science festival – plans for more festivals are in the works, with interest from Cheltenham and Manchester Science Festivals and Glastonbury!

four adults on a  stage acting out a story relating to Jane Goodall

“Wow, wow, wow! Four kids ages 3-9 and three adults all engaged with the story. We all laughed out loud, joined in together and absolutely loved it! Thankyou STEM Theatre in a Box. I would love to see these boxes and shows go into all primary schools in the UK!”
Jay, Leeds

The online workshops reached in the region of 2,500 primary pupils; the festival performances have already reached upwards of 3,000 children and families. A box on physicist and science communicator Dr Shelia Kanani has also now been developed and is being distributed to schools.

“Our vision is to increase science capital amongst the hardest to reach children and encourage them to think about a possible career in STEM,” explains Louise Hodgson, Project Manager and Producer for STEM Theatre in a Box.

“Our Ogden Trust grant meant we could develop and create quality, professionally produced resources, and distribute those resources much further. We have begun to develop and share our scientist’s stories far and wide, to hundreds of children, through theatre, storytelling, puppetry, and most of all lots of fun!”

“The Year 4 STEM club loved using their STEM Theatre in a Box, and learning all about Dr Bath’s work. We can’t wait to see what comes next from STEM Theatre in a Box”
Ruth, Science Lead, Keighley

Three adults on a stage with a child join them and an audience of children watching the performance

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