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Spotlight on physics

Ideas and inspiration for the topics of light and sound

Published: 30 January 2023

Two new Phizzi focus resources are now available for the primary light and sound topic, featuring ideas and inspiration that will help to put these areas of the physics curriculum in the spotlight.

The topic of light provides great opportunities for children to make connections between the ideas they are learning in physics, chemistry and biology. Pupils can look at how light interacts with materials and the importance of light when thinking about living things and their habitats.

Download Phizzi focus: light

The topic of sound can also be used to encourage and enable children to make cross-curricular connections. It can be used to link physics and music, for example, or ideas about the human body and physics.

Download Phizzi focus: sound

Both of these topics provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to explore and investigate, to develop their physics knowledge and understanding of the world, and to build and progress their working scientifically skills. The Phizzi focus resources also include a teacher-recommended list of picture books that you can introduce to your class reading as part of the topic.

hands on a desk with sunglasses, white board, torch and ruler

Phizzi focus

Light and sound was the topic for our 2021/22 cycle of partnership Phizzi CPD; 745 teachers and teaching assistants from 520 schools across the Ogden partnership network took part in training days on the topic. Alongside a day of subject-specific training, each school received a teacher guide with 10 investigations, access to practical video guides and a Phizzi light and sound box with the resources needed for classroom science.

If you are not in an Ogden partnership and haven’t taken part in our Phizzi Light and Sound CPD, our Phizzi focus will give you a great introduction to the topic and just some of the resources that are available on our website to support your teaching, including research cards, games, activities and practicals.

Two Phizzi enquiries – taken from our 10 Phizzi investigations – are also available for you to try. Sound circus and shadows were both developed in partnership with the Royal Society and feature videos with Professor Brian Cox.

Lights, camera, action!

We love to see our resources in action! If you are using the Phizzi light and sound investigations in your classroom or any of our resources, please share your stories on twitter or facebook @ogdentrust

“We continue to work with our partnership schools to ensure that primary teachers have the resources and knowledge to deliver the primary physics curriculum. A big part of this is the Ogden Phizzi CPD that we get as a partnership. The light and sound CPD delivered by our Ogden regional representative, Clare Warren, has been enthusiastically received by all the schools in the partnership.”
Everton McClymont
Lewisham Partnership (2020- )

three children in a school hall, one seated boy is banging a drum and another girl is holding a clipboard looking over the third chil

School partnerships 

Applications for new partnerships open each year between September and February.

A local cluster partnership (a group of four or more schools within a local area) can apply for up to £2,500 per academic year for the first three years and up to £1,000 in the fourth year for partnership activities to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. A further grant of up to £250 is available as partnerships move into their legacy phase. In the first year, partnership co-ordinators are awarded a time buy-out giving them half a day a week to build relationships across the cluster and establish the partnership.

An established collaboration partnership (a group of four or more schools associated through a multi-academy trust (MAT), MAC, federation, educational trust, etc) can apply for up to £2,000 per academic year for the first three years and £1,000 in the fourth year for activities to enhance the teaching and learning of physics. The partnership lead is eligible for up to two years of time buy-out to support the partnership.

Partnerships receive support from Ogden regional representatives and teachers at all partnership schools can access Ogden CPD from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Key Stage 3.

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