Space inspiration

5 February 2019

Last month, all the children from Mount Carmel Catholic First School took part in a space themed assembly. The children's imaginations and enthusiasm were sent into orbit when Space Camp Sam landed at the school to share her knowledge of the Stephen Hawking Foundation who are sponsoring the Year 2’s first ever Space Camp sleepover in March.

Space Camp Sam showed us how to do two things at a time like shouting out numbers and stepping up and down on a stool. She asked us to create our own space camp mission patches and draw the planet we wanted to travel to. It was great fun training like an astronaut!
Jaiann Year 3

In the afternoon, 60 Year 3 children trained to be astronauts as they undertook a variety of missions.

The day was part of a year-long celebration of space which will see the school undertaking the Space Education Quality Mark.

An exciting, vibrant way to bring space travel alive for the children. Sam helped them to imagine how it would be to prepare for a life as an astronaut. The children were buzzing with excitement.
Mrs Rooney Year 3 Teacher & Assistant Head

Our Lady of Mount Carmel First School was part of the Ogden Bidford Primary Partnership. Although the Ogden partnership funding ended in 2016 after its four-year cycle concluded, the seeds of science had been well and truly established.

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