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Space exploration

Rotherham Partnership take their pupils on a space adventure: “It was amazing and fabulous."

Published: 21 July 2022

Over 200 children from across the schools from Rotherham Partnership took part in a planetarium event at Rockingham Junior and Infant School. Children from Rockingham, Wingfield Academy, Greasbrough Primary, Roughwood Primary and Herringthorpe Junior School celebrated their science learning, while exploring the solar system.

The pupils went on their own space adventure as they took a tour of the Milky Way in an inflatable planetarium. They were able to learn facts about the different planets and understand what it is like to be an astronaut. They also used VR headsets to explore space and see planets up close, thanks to a virtual visit from the Wonderdome and Education Group VR experience.

The event was organised for children from Key Stage 1 to 3, to deepen their learning about space. Year 4 Teacher, Chloe Darby who organised the event, says: “This event was a perfect celebration of science as we head to the summer holidays. It was lovely to see all the schools in the partnership take part in the same experience. It really supported the children with their understanding of space and enthusiasm towards physics.”

And there can be no doubting the enthusiasm of the children involved!

“I really enjoyed the afternoon. My favourite part of the day was when we went in the planetarium dome and we got to see a black hole, planets, different stars and the Milky Way! I really enjoyed the VR as you got to learn about different moons on a range of planets.”

“My favourite bit was the space dome when we visited different galaxies and we managed to see some underwater volcanoes. I even know a song about dwarf planets and this day helped me remember. The VR experience was great because you got to see different moons and I really liked seeing and learning about the different planets.”
Roughwood Primary School pupils (Year 5)

“I liked to hold it and turn around and see real space all around me – it was amazing! Each episode was a different planet. It’s like you were flying through space. A transformation through space – I want to do it again! I want a VR!”

“There was a huge projection all over the roof – it was like you were in space. It moved around and was spinning. It showed us all the different planets. It was really dark. I want to do it again. I really liked the Mars part! It was an amazing experience. It looked like we were about to hit the planets. You were in a time-travelling capsule!”
Greasbrough Primary Pupils (Year 6)

four children seated around a table with VR headsets on

“It was amazing and fabulous. I know a lot about space because it is my favourite hobby. I especially enjoyed the VR experience. It was great!”
Rockingham J&I Pupil (Year 3)

two large images of planets in a dark space with children seated on the floor looking at them

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