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Space exploration

Chard Partnership brings its local school communities together. 

Published: 24 January 2024

Earlier this term, 46 children from the Ogden Chard Partnership took part in a space evening, which was out of this world!  

The pupils (and 30 grown-ups) were joined at the event by a local astronomy group who helped to guide them round the night’s sky using planispheres and a star gazing app; the children discovered some of the famous constellations and even observed Jupiter. An inflatable planetarium helped everyone to really immerse themselves in the wonders of the solar system as they continued their cosmic explorations! 

During the evening, children shared their own interpretations of space with a super nebula painting activity and an exploration of the solar system using dance and music to help them think about the different surfaces and temperatures they might encounter on their journey round the planets.      

“[At the end of the evening] we had lots of new knowledge to take home and share!” 

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