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Showcasing science in the classroom

Published: 23 April 2020

Although many teachers are currently working from home, you may be making plans and preparations for your return to the classroom.

How to… primary science displays is available on our resources page

We have produced a handy How to guide on creating effective primary science wall displays, including links to some of the many fantastic resources available to help bring your displays to life and make them eye-catching and relevant.

A classroom science display showing the solar system

Showcasing science with vibrant and prominent displays can really help to engage and inspire your pupils, bringing science to the forefront and encouraging children to talk about the subject at home and at school. Wall space can be at a premium in classrooms so why not try to utilise corridor display boards, reception areas or maybe even create an outside display to really help raise the profile of science across your school community.

Science displays can be based on a specific science topic or can celebrate the science learning of a year group; they can feature working scientifically skills and enquiry types; or they can be a celebration of famous scientists and role models – ideally, they will be a combination of all of these elements across the school!

How to… primary science displays is available on our resources page

“There are so many approaches to showcasing science in your classrooms and schools,” says Amanda Poole, Resources Lead for The Ogden Trust. “Every school setting is different and has to deal with their own space and teaching constraints. Our How to guide will hopefully give you some ideas and inspiration, as well as links to some of the display resources and posters that can support your teaching and help to engage your pupils.”

classroom science display showing books and astronauts
classroom science display featuring fair testing

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