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Sharing science

A partnership science days brings students and local businesses together.

Published: 2 May 2024

Pupils from schools in the Ogden Chard Partnership recently gathered at The Woodruffe School in Dorset for a hands-on science day. The event brought together pupils from primary and secondary schools in the partnership and was supported by local businesses who shared industry insight and careers info.

Katrina Halford, Head of Science at Chard School and Partnership Lead for this local cluster, explains more about the day.

“Our Science Ambassadors had an incredible time at Woodroffe School, where students came together as part of our Ogden partnership. The children delved into workshops led by Woodroffe STEM Ambassadors and engaged in learning about solar energy through exciting activities organised by Earth Education Energy.
Accompanied by their peers from neighbouring schools, our Science Ambassadors embarked on a memorable journey for a day filled with thrilling scientific exploration, from constructing and testing helicopters with guidance from Leonardo Helicopters to creating ‘LEGO aircraft’ with Honeywell Aerospace, the day was brimming with excitement. The children also explored the captivating realm of static electricity, observing its fascinating effects including static cling, and engaged in insightful discussions on renewable energy.”

Student with a blue zooka aimed towards a stack of cups.

Exploring physics and forces with an air zooka!


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