Science Talk: Reflections

1 March 2018

Lucy Bacon, Duty Manager at Footsteps Nurseries, has been using Ogden Science Talk resources to get the children to think about reflections – engaging with scientific investigations as they splash in puddles and enjoy the outdoors.  

This Ogden CPD programme and the supporting resources have been developed to introduce science at Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS). On a wet day in January, Lucy reflected on the resources available and put Science Talk to the test:

“We carried out the reflections activity in Forest School,” explained Lucy. “The children were able to discuss where puddles can be found and how they are made. They also told me where they had enjoyed splashing in puddles!

“We hunted for reflections and discussed them. The children knew what their reflection was and when they found a puddle would wave at themselves. We then made our own puddles and experimented with these on the path, the mud and in trays. We added bubbles, food colouring and paint to them and found that the bubbles obscured our reflections.” 

Science Talk is an easy to use teaching resource for primary science, which includes 39 activity cards with a step-by-step activity guide and a list of resources, key questions and relevant Early Learning Goals. A teacher support pack includes an overview to key concepts, measuring impact and a risk assessment sheet. The Science Talk cards have been designed to support pupils develop confidence and curiosity, alongside practical applications for monitoring impact and progression.

A guide to the reflections activity for EYFS and KS1 can now be found in our Phizzi Progression resources.

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