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Science stars

Getting curious and celebrating science with some fantastic investigations.

Published: 29 April 2024

This term, primary pupils from the Ogden Northern Star Academies Trust Partnership have taken part in a family science competition, asking questions that have been puzzling them and getting hands-on as they investigate their answers.  

The children were asked to think of a science question and then to look at how they might be able to answer it. They had to make predictions, plan and complete an investigation and then share and showcase their results and conclusion.  

Some of the children took their inspiration from the partnership subscription to ‘Whizz Pop Bang’ magazine, whilst others took the opportunity to investigate something else they were already curious about. The children completed their investigations at home, getting their families to join in with some super science.  

Teachers and pupils from across the partnership came together for a science afternoon which celebrated some of the very best competition entries and allowed children to showcase their investigations and what they had learned.  

“We were so impressed with the way the children interacted with each other, given that many had never met before, and of course their incredible science knowledge!” says Danielle Topham, Northern Star partnership co-ordinator. 


A classroom of primary students. Holding up their work.

Primary pupils from the Ogden Northern Star Academies partnership.

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