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1 October 2018

Last week, over 60 teachers from schools in the North East of England took part in the latest Ogden Primary Physics Professional Learning (P3L) day on electricity, hosted at Durham University. 

The final 2018 P3L day on electricity is taking place at Dulwich School, London on 1 November.

These days are designed to increase teacher skills and confidence for all science subject leaders and/or Key Stage 2 teachers. They encourage creativity in the application of science in the classroom through the range of teaching materials provided on each course. 

“The hands-on practical workshops are full of ideas for working scientifically and incorporating numeracy and literacy skills development in the context of electricity,” explains Jackie Flaherty, the national teaching and learning lead for the Trust. “Activities include comprehension and data analysis and each delegate will get a class set of resources for an investigation into conductors and insulators which includes five fabulous ‘cosmic balls’!” concludes Jackie.

"Very informative and detailed. Fantastic ideas for teaching and learning. Engaging and interactive." 
Science subject leader

"Great ideas to empower staff and excite and engage children" 
Class teacher

Before the event at Durham, the Trust has delivered these CPD days at independent schools, but now the programme is being extended to universities across the UK with Durham University hosting the first.  

Durham University has a special place in the heart of The Ogden Trust as it was where its founder, Sir Peter Ogden, studied for both his first degree and his PhD, and then funded two new physics buildings on the Durham campus.

Dr Lorraine Coghill, Ogden Science Outreach Co-ordinator in the Department of Physics at Durham University, said: “It is part of our mission at Durham University to not only deliver the most engaging science teaching and learning ourselves, but to enable the many fantastic educators working in our local schools to do their bit too.

“We have a long and well-established partnership with The Ogden Trust and we are very pleased to have become the first university in the UK to deliver this teaching training programme.

“Teaching science well in primary schools, especially physics, is vital. Everyone is interested in science – it’s just that some children don’t know it yet. Hopefully, with the aid of this programme, we can inspire the inner scientist in more young people in County Durham and North East England.”

“The delegates thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on practical approach and the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of electricity,” explains Dr Jenny Watson, Ogden Trust Teacher Fellow, who helped to deliver the Durham course. “They appreciated the expertise and enthusiasm of our trainers who are all qualified teachers and primary science experts. 

“It was great to have so many interested teachers from the North East learning how they can develop children’s creativity, awaken an interest in physics and share their ideas with their colleagues.”

"Great mix of sessions. So many useful ideas that I can't wait to try with my class and introduce to other staff"
Senior Leader

The CPD days are themed on a four-year cycle to cover the key concepts of the physics primary curriculum – electricity, forces, light & sound, and Earth & space. The final 2018 P3L day on electricity is taking place at Dulwich School, London on 1 November. Book your place now.  

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