Science Ceilidh

22 June 2018

Earlier this month, music, dancing and physics came together in a fantastic celebration of science! Ogden Outreach Officer at Edinburgh University, Jean-Christophe Denis and Lewis Hou from Science Ceilidh Ltd organised three days of events which were attended by nearly 350 people. 

In the first event, JC (physicist and dancer) and Lewis (neuroscientist and musician) visited Caol Primary School in Fort William. They explored and explained the physics involved in sound and music; and they made potions and slime. “We all discovered how to successfully mix two liquids which do not usually mix (oil and water). And we learnt how to turn ‘normal’ liquids into a very weird substance when we created a super slow-moving liquid… usually known as slime!” explains JC. “We all learnt about molecules and how much of a role they played in the potions we had made.”

The pupils then headed out into the Scottish sunshine with JC and Lewis for some ceilidh dancing. JC explains more: “After learning some moves, the children created their own dance to illustrate the physics they had learnt: one group explained making slime, whereas the other group created a dance to illustrate how to mix water and oil. We concluded by talking about how physics and science are part of everyday life and how there is science in pretty much any hobbies we have.”

The following day, the dynamic duo hosted an event in the local community centre which included some hands-on activities and a ceilidh. The pupils they had worked with the day before joined the event and were the stars of the evening: they performed the dances they had created the day before and helped to deliver the hands-on science activities. “They had indeed become experts by that time,” says JC. “We did a lot of dancing! Only stopping from time-to-time to make some experiments, creating lava lamps and kazoos to add to the atmosphere. The event was a huge success and we were very happy to see so many members of the local community there.”

A music and physics party in Kinlochleven concluded the three days of events. The winning formula of hands-on physics, and dancing and music with The Science Ceilidh once again proved popular at this very well attended community event. “We hope to visit our new friends in Caol and Kinlochleven again in 2019,” concludes JC.

“It was a lot of fun”
“physics is cool”
“Thank you so much for visiting us”. 
“When are you coming back?”


 Thanks to the Institute of Physics for their financial support.

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