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Science at home

Published: 17 December 2020

Our partnerships have been working hard to inspire their pupils’ scientific curiosity and engage families in science challenges, investigations and learning at home. Many schools have found practical primary science challenging in the current climate and extracurricular science clubs have largely been put on hold. Undeterred, several science at home initiatives are taking place: two new Ogden partnerships share their science at home projects.

Science Take Away

The Ogden Streatham Partnership officially launched in September. They have already introduced a ‘Science Take Away Bag’ which is proving really popular with pupils and their families. The partnership has so far created 15 science bags each containing a Marvin and Milo activity card and resources; the children take the bag home, do the activity with their families, write up their findings and return the bag. After two days in quarantine the bag is sent home for another family to enjoy!

“The Marvin and Milo cards are very accessible for all children,” explains Judit Castillo, who is leading the project. “The children can’t wait to get the next bag and they are very enthusiastic! We have had some fabulous feedback.”

“I loved the experiment with the eggs, my family couldn’t tell the difference between the raw egg and the boiled and I tricked them all!” Rose

“I do the take away bag with my brother and I enjoy seeing the rocket go really high up to the ceiling with the Alka-Seltzer rocket.” Natalie

“I like reading the cartoon strips because it shows what you need to do in a fun way.” Solayana

“I loved when the force was pushing my finger up on the canister.” Kayla

“Plans for a workshop to launch the initiative had to be cancelled, but this doesn’t seem to have diminished the enthusiasm,” continues Judit. “We have rolled the project out to our Year 4 and 5 pupils at the moment, but I see no reason why it couldn’t be adapted for older and younger children too.”

The bags will be circulated shortly to another school in the partnership. The plan is to create 75 bags in total, so that all five partnership schools can take part in the scheme at the same time.”

The science take away bag and a Marvin and Milo card

“I’m a scientist, what’s your superpower?”

The new Ogden Harrogate Partnership has introduced a similar initiative for their pupils: bags printed with “I’m a scientist, what’s your superpower?” head home with the children – the bags include a science scrap book and two editions of the Whizz Pop Bang magazine, which is jam-packed with science ideas and activities. “The children have to share their science in the scrap book,“ explains Emma Crisell, who is leading the partnership and launched the initiative this term. “They record something they have enjoyed from the magazine, an idea they have tried, a photo of their science at home, or just a lovely science activity it has inspired them to do!

“Our student science technicians were the first to take the bags home,” adds Emma. “They set the expectation in the scrap book and shared their science enthusiasm. The bags are now available for any students to take home – the class teachers are mindful of children who would normally not have access to these sorts of resources and encourage them to take part. Our local Asda kindly donated some additional stationery for the bags so we are able to share some extra resources that might be needed for the investigations featured in the magazines.”

Applications for new partnerships open annually between September and February.

Visit our partnership pages to find out more. 

Partnerships normally comprise four to ten schools and can be a mix of maintained schools, academies, free schools and independent schools, across the primary and secondary sector.

We welcome applications from any schools in England but are especially keen to work with new partnerships in rural and coastal areas, as well as schools based in areas of social deprivation.

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