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Rochdale Science Extravaganza

An unforgettable day of discovery and inspiration, showcasing the wonders of the universe.

Published: 29 May 2024

An estimated 3,000 people visited Rochdale Town Hall for the 2024 Science Extravaganza which took place earlier this month and offered a spectacular showcase into the wonders of the universe and the crucial role of science and creativity in our everyday lives. 

The event brought together education, research, business, community and faith groups in the planning and delivery of this fabulous festival, which engaged and inspired visitors and reinforced the message that STEM can be for everyone. Science, art, and even wildlife collided in a vibrant array of hands-on activities, interactive exhibitions, and fascinating scientific demonstrations. 

The Science Extravaganza shone a valuable spotlight on the pressing issue of climate change and sustainability, and encouraged people to discover how science, art, and creativity can contribute to a sustainable future and how we can combat climate change together.  

Local schools, community organisations, and industry representatives took part in the day to share their research, inspiration and enthusiasm, encouraging people to explore the exciting world of green careers and make choices that can make a difference to everyone’s future.


A group of families at the event, looking at The Ogden Trust booth. Looking at all the information they have.

Visitors gathered to explore the Solar System with the Ogden team at the Science Extravaganza

The Ogden Trust has longstanding connections with Rochdale and was proud to be the 2024 headline supporter for this fantastic community science initiative, which is going from strength to strength each year.  

“We want to ensure that no one feels excluded from taking physics further and we are delighted to continue our support for the Rochdale Science Initiative whose work resonates closely with our own mission.” explains Clare Harvey, Chief Executive of the Trust. 

“It is a privilege to be involved with this initiative and the work that they are doing to inspire the next generation and make STEM more accessible for ethnic minorities and those that are socially and economically disadvantaged.  

“The Ogden family connection to the area makes our involvement all the more special,” continues Clare. “This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Ogden Trust and we were delighted to be a lead sponsor of the event.”


A full view of the conference, with how many people turned up.

The Rochdale Science Extravaganza

Community matters 

A science event in Rochdale first launched in 2017 when Mohammed Rahman, inspired by the Manchester Science Festival, wanted to celebrate science in (and for) his own community. “I’d never really been interested in science,” explains Mohammed, “but my son has a real passion for it, and by the age of five he was asking me questions about physics that I couldn’t answer. We went on lot of trips to museums to try to answer his questions, and soon enough we discovered the Manchester Science Festival. We went back to the festival year after year. But we realised we were often in the minority. My son asked if we could do something similar in our hometown, for our culture and our community,” he adds. Since its inception, the event has grown and is now run by the Rochdale Science Initiative (RSI) and a team of volunteers.

“RSI wants to raise the next generation of science enthusiasts and scientists from Rochdale. We want to make STEM more accessible for ethnic minorities and those that are socially and economically disadvantaged,” continues Mohammed. “We believe that bringing science into the heart of our communities can engage minorities and the extravaganza is a prime example of what we can achieve; the audience is always a celebration of diversity and multi-culturalism.”


A picture of a family with their children trying out the small experiments on offer.

Visitors try their hand at some Lunar Landings!



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