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Stoke Meir Partnership launches its science book club.

Published: 13 December 2023

This year, the Stoke Meir Partnership has launched its partnership Science Book Club in a combined effort to increase student engagement in reading and to broaden science capital and understanding through reading.

A book box has been created with a variety of science fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels, many of which relate to the primary science curriculum and showcase a diverse array of scientists and science careers. The box is shared across the partnership schools and the children are encouraged to discuss the books that they have read and share their thoughts. The partnership hopes to invite authors and scientists to the schools to talk to pupils about their work.

This term, pupils from Sandon Primary Academy have been exploring what the book box has to offer!

“Our science ambassadors have enjoyed taking the book box onto the playground twice a week, alongside our science on the playground activities,” explains teacher Laura Bradshaw. “Children have enjoyed coming over to the box to choose a book to read during their dinner hour. Within the box there is also a journal which allows our children to leave any comments or feedback which they have regarding the books they have read. The book box has been a great way to encourage science outside of the classroom,” concludes Laura.

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