Reaching for the stars

23 March 2020

During Science Week, six Year 5 science ambassadors from Dean Bank Primary School went the Chilton Academy Phiz Lab to learn about space with Dr Pete Edwards, Director of Science Outreach and Science & Society officer in the Department of Physics at Durham University.

They joined 18 other ambassadors from Cleves Cross, West Cornforth and Chilton primary schools from the Durham Ferryhill & Chilton Ogden Primary Partnership.

“We looked at pictures of the Galaxy and a lot of different planets. We asked questions to Pete, learning about how hot the Sun is, how the Moon rock is the same as the rocks on earth as well as how gravity on the moon is eight times weaker than the gravity on Earth.”

“Pete showed us photos of how big the Sun is compared to other planets. He said you could fit 110 Earths along the diameter of the Sun and millions inside. We also learned that in a lot of years, the Sun will eventually burn out, eating the Earth and dissolving.”
Dean Bank Primary Science Ambassadors

Each year, the Durham Ferryhill & Chilton Partnership develops an enthusiastic and inspirational cohort of ambassadors from across the schools. The ambassador programme is engaging girls in science and increasing the extra-curricular science activities across the partnership. The programme is encouraging girls to get involved and enthused by science, raising their science capital and their self-confidence. In return, they are sharing their enthusiasm and expertise with pupils across the partnership as they deliver science clubs, lunchtime lessons and community events.

Thirty-six girls from Years 4-6 at the six primary partnership schools are working as science ambassadors in 2019/2020 supporting science at their schools and in their local communities.

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