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Reaching for the stars

Northern Star Partnership joins the Ogden School Partnerships programme.

Published: 30 November 2022

The Northern Star Partnership is one of twelve established collaboration partnerships which have joined our programme this year. It comprises seven primary schools and two secondary schools. The partnership is planning enrichment events to raise the profile of primary science and build science capital and will be working to raise awareness and understanding of careers and opportunities from STEM. The teachers will be taking full advantage of the Ogden partnership CPD programmes.

It was with great excitement that 120 primary school pupils from the seven primary schools helped launch the Ogden Northern Star partnership.

The launch was craftily executed by the amazing Dr Sheila Kanani from the Royal Astronomical Society, who supercharged the pupils with awe and wonder on the topic of space and the solar system. The key messages she delivered were “science (and physics) is for all” and “you do not need to be an astronaut to work in the space industry: there are many exciting jobs awaiting any science literate person”.  Sheila captivated her audience for over an hour, and still pupils kept on asking questions.

Three ladies in a row looking towards the camera

Shelia Kanani (centre) with two of the event organisers. The partnership launch would not have taken place without the tremendous effort and positive energy of Liz Wooley (left), Danielle Topham (right) and Ami Hargreaves who organised this event down to the last details, and always with a smile.

School partnerships

The School Partnerships programme offers funding and support to groups of schools that are committed to enhancing physics teaching and learning. The programme works with local clusters of schools and established collaborations.

Partnership schools work together to plan and deliver a programme of activities to enhance physics teaching and learning. The schools’ development of primary science and secondary physics is supported by Ogden funding, CPD opportunities and guidance from Ogden consultants and expert practitioners.

Each partnership has a dedicated hub school and co-ordinator who is the main point of contact with the Trust; co-ordinators are awarded a limited time buy out to give them time away from their teaching commitments to establish and develop their partnership.

Applications for new partnerships open annually between September and February. You can apply now to form a new partnership starting in September 2023. Visit our partnership pages to find out more about the programme and the opportunities available.

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