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Reach for the stars

Schools in the Halesowen legacy partnership are still working together thanks to the strong foundations the partnership built.

Published: 14 December 2022

Although the Halesowen partnership funding has ended, the schools are still working together thanks, in part, to the strong foundations the partnership built. This year, around 160 KS1 and KS2 children from six schools in the West Midlands, took part in a space-themed competition co-ordinated by the legacy Halesowen Partnership. Ogden regional representative, Jenny Watson is still supporting the schools and was among the judges.

“This creative competition on the subject of space was clearly inspiring for the children,” explains Jenny. “We had entries from KS1 to UKS2 across the six schools and these ranged from a junk model of a flaming rocket, pictures of Nebulae to a rap about space and a poem about Pluto!”

eight adults holding competition entries

Following the success of this space competition, the schools are planning a Women in Science competition for February, to coincide with the International Women and Girls in Science Day.

Sarah Whiteley, Colley Lane Primary School’s Science leader said, ‘We had over 60 entries in school which was the most we have ever had for a competition! Hopefully even more children will be inspired to enter the next competition celebrating women in science.’

“This was a really easy, low cost, activity to organise that had a big impact on many primary pupils who were very inspired and produced some amazingly creative entries on the theme of space” continues Jenny. “It was clear many had really researched the topic, including exciting details of planets, stars and nebulae and they enjoyed sharing their learning and creative skills with their peers and parents.”

10 fun facts about space competition entry

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