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Pupil power

Published: 4 May 2020

Primary science ambassador schemes are popular across the Ogden partnership network; to help others who might want to set up their own programme when the children return to the school, we have gathered ideas from some of our teachers and primary experts to produce a guide to primary ambassador schemes.

Read: How to primary science ambassadors on our resources page

Primary science ambassador schemes are a great way to channel scientific curiosity, engaging young scientists and building their knowledge and confidence while also giving them the opportunity to develop leadership skills. In turn, the science ambassadors can support their teachers and share their science knowledge and enthusiasm with their peers: a virtuous circle of science!

three primary pupils taking part in an ambassador scheme

“Our ambassadors are part of a committee that meets once a fortnight to discuss science matters and opportunities in school,” explains Laura Marshall from Our Lady & Saint Kenelm Primary School. “We talk about the things the ambassadors would like to see happen at school as well as any science that has been in the news. Our ambassadors work with younger pupils, supporting science in other year groups. They audit our science resources and keep our primary science lab in order! They also produce a science newsletter with fun facts and games.”

A primary science ambassador scheme can bring fresh impetus to school science, encouraging and developing enthusiastic young scientists and bringing (loud) voices to share the science love. The programme can be set up to meet the needs of your pupils and your school, but this guide will hopefully give you some inspiration and ideas.

notes being written about science ambassador schemes

Read: How to primary science ambassadors on the Ogden resources page

Senior school ambassador scheme?

Secondary school ambassador schemes are also a great way to develop and nurture science enthusiasm, leadership and communication skills. Secondary school science ambassadors often work with their local primary schools.

You will also find helpful resources for secondary ambassador schemes on our resource page.


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