Plymouth: planets, practicals and phases of the Moon

6 December 2017

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As part of the roll-out of the latest Phizzi resource box for Ogden primary partnerships, the Plymouth Partnership recently got together for a CPD Day. Ten participants representing all six schools gathered in their newly-opened Phiz Lab at Mount Wise Primary for training on the topic of Earth & Space, delivered by Ogden Regional Representatives, Alison Rivett & Sally Fulford.

The morning involved lots of lively discussion and sharing of tips and teaching ideas from delegates as they went through the curriculum content and related classroom resources.

Plymouth CPD. Participants get to grips with Phizzi Earth & Space
Participants get to grips with Phizzi Earth & Space

“Everyone learnt something new,” explained Alison. “Whether it was about the 'not so dark' side of the moon, interplanetary distances, or who first proposed a heliocentric model of the solar system. We were all particularly amazed to see the distance the moon really is from the earth, and how close the International Space Station actually is,” she revealed.

In the afternoon, everything got very hands-on as the teachers discovered the 10 different practicals contained in the Phizzi Earth & Space Box which they all got to take back to their schools.

"We can’t wait to share our new resource box and use the telescopes in our partnership schools!"


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