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Physics in the spotlight

A webinar series showcasing careers with physics at their heart.

Published: 12 May 2022

With a grant from The Ogden Trust, Founders4Schools (F4S) hosted a series of free 30-minute live webinars, which were accessible to all young people in the UK aged 11+. They explored a variety of career pathways utilising physics to inspire, educate and empower the next generation to pursue physics in further education and as a career.

During the online workshops, pupils were able to ‘meet’ the experts from a variety of careers and industries, finding out more about the jobs on offer and asking questions of the people working in these areas.

Physics was at the heart of the careers being showcased – pupils got an insight into how it can change the world or save a life as they were introduced to jobs in the energy, environment and healthcare sectors. They learnt about the growing UK space sector and how physics can impact on climate change, technology, farming and the evolution of design and engineering.

“I had never considered a career in physics until these webinars, but after listening to all the different speakers, now I definitely am.”

Founders4Schools aims to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. The insight gained into real-world examples of lesser-known careers in physics during this series of webinars helped to inspire, educate and empower the pupils, encouraging them to think about taking physics further. Thirty-nine schools took part in the live webinar sessions allowing more 1,107 students to benefit from the career insights as they were delivered; the sessions were also made available after the event.

a screen shot of people taking part in a webinar. Four featured individuals and questions from students

Find out more about Founders4Schools and the work they do to connect young people and educators with career role-models.

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