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Physics in climate change

Educating and empowering young people to make a difference.

Published: 11 April 2024

A project supported by an Ogden physics education grant has reached more than 550 young people in and around Greenwich as part of an initiative to educate on the day-to-day relevance of physics to climate change. 

Led by community interest company ARC and You, the programme has been providing information and education events to raise awareness of how physics can help to address the global climate emergency. Over the past few months, displays, events and forums have taken place at libraries and community centres, with a presentation at the Royal Observatory Planetarium in Greenwich entitled We are Guardians. 

ARC and You works with many residents of the Royal Borough of Greenwich and identified a high population of families who have little understanding of the impacts of climate change and how physics can inform actions and behaviours that can help to mitigate the situation.  

“This project has helped to raise awareness in the community of the physics behind climate change,” explains ARC and YOU Director, Francis Akinola. “We hope that by integrating this into family discussions, young people can become a champion in their homes for actions that could contribute to positive change, such as reducing energy costs and improving their living standards by proper management of the energy in their homes – all of which can contribute to the cumulative impact of a global reduction of warming.” 

A group of primary school students. Sitting in a auditorium. With their teachers.

ARC and You engages individuals, family units and community groups towards improving lives through the provision of structured learning and social programmes which foster personal development, family well-being, social interactions and community cohesion. 

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