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Physics funding: CERN

Applications for funding towards partnership trips to CERN in 2024/25 are now open.

Published: 15 January 2024

If you are a teacher at a current Ogden partnership secondary school, or you work at a school that has previously been part of the partnership programme, you could be eligible for funding to support a school trip to CERN. 

 CERN is an inspiring world-leading particle research facility that can enhance and enrich a young person’s understanding and appreciation of physics. A visit to CERN can ignite a lasting interest in the subject and make students aware of the wide range of careers available in research, engineering and broader physics. 

“The Trust wants to make sure that inspirational educational experiences such as a visit to CERN are available to students regardless of their background or financial situation,” explains Programme Officer, Natalie Sidney. “A visit to CERN provides an incredible opportunity for both teacher and student development. The feedback that we get suggests that these visits can really build or renew a passion for science for the students and their teachers too, as well as providing new experiences and opportunities. Ogden Funding for visits to CERN is available so that schools can support pupils who might otherwise not be able to make the trip.” 

“I have recently been able to to visit CERN myself,” adds Natalie. “It was inspiring to see the ‘lightbulb moments’ in the students when they saw the equipment in real life, and then to see students engaging with the scientists, and talking physics after the trip.”

If you are planning a trip to CERN in 2024/25 please read our funding guidelines to check that you are eligible to apply and to start your application.  

Application webinar

We will be hosting an application webinar on 21 February (3.30–4.30pm) to support you in making your application and planning your trip. In the webinar we will explain the funding guidelines, offer advice on how to plan a physics-based itinerary, and share tips from recent trip leaders. There will also be an opportunity for Q&As. 

The current round of funding will close on Friday 15 March 2024. 

Don’t forget you can also download our How to guide for planning a trip to CERN which includes useful suggestions and ideas.  

A further CERN funding opportunity will be open from: 

  • 29 April to 14 June 2024 (application webinar 15 May)
CERN large Hadron Collider

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