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Physics for the future

Published: 29 March 2021

Physics can give access to a broad range of career pathways. Showcasing just some of those careers and inspiring young learners is a powerful and compelling way to encourage students to take physics further.

This month, Year 9 and Year 10 students in the Warrington Partnership have been exploring careers in sustainability physics under the online guidance of Ogden consultant and former teacher, Melissa Lord. Melissa shared interviews with people currently working in sustainability physics, including battery development and wind turbines, and she led a live Zoom Q&A session answering the students’ questions.

“One interview is with Elaine who is working on the infrastructure for electric vehicles, and who talks about our likely future relationship with cars,” explains Melissa. “When Elaine was in my class, the job she has now didn’t exist. Physics teachers are training young people for the STEM jobs for everyone’s future.”

“Physics is key to understanding how climate change works, how people’s impact on the atmosphere heats the planet; really importantly, a sustainable future needs principles from physics to be put to work so we reduce our carbon dioxide emissions to net zero,” continues Melissa.

wind turbine in the sea

“Comfortable low energy housing, vehicles and infrastructure based on renewable energy, effective technology: we need huge numbers of young people moving into these fields for the important careers of tomorrow. It was great to work with the schools and see the students engaged with the topic and asking questions about their futures,” concludes Melissa.

Physics can open doors to some of the most exciting, cutting-edge, rewarding jobs in the world. We have launched a series of Phizzi professional resources to offer an insight into just some of the career pathways from physics. Why not take a look? We will be adding more each month!

You can find our Phizzi professional series on our resources page. 

Melissa, with Phil Furneaux (Hon Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University), have launched a web-based resource linking physics, sustainability and the careers which will help us to reach net-zero. You can visit the website using this link. 


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