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Physics extravaganza

Sublime Science bring a day of physics fun to Pakeman Primary School.

Published: 30 November 2021

Arlene Scott is passionate about bringing exciting opportunities to primary children to enhance their understanding of their world through science. She supports her school as a member of their parent teacher association and through her role as a wellbeing lead.

The school community includes many disadvantaged families and is in an area of high deprivation so access to science enrichment activities can be challenging.

Five years ago, Pakeman Primary worked hard to obtain funding for a school science lab and a two-year scientist in residence. The budget for the scientist in residence is no longer available and the lab has recently been used to provide extra space for class bubbles, but the school wanted to bring science back to the forefront.

With funding from The Ogden Trust, the school hosted a Pakeman Physics Extravaganza Day – bringing their science lab back to life and inspiring their pupils. The school enlisted Sublime Science to deliver workshops for each of their year groups from Reception through to Year 6. Three hundred and twenty-nine children took part in the day, alongside 28 teaching staff.

“I can’t believe that ball is just in the air like that. It’s like magic.”
Alesha, Year 3

Throughout the hands-on workshops, ideas were shared and children were asked to think about how to solve problems in physics. The workshops featured sound and slime and forces, amongst other physics phenomena! Sublime Science demonstrated how sound works through vibrating air molecules and asked how can objects heavier than air can fly? (The children loved it when the beach ball floated in response to the leaf blower!). The children were fascinated by the idea of thrust created by escaping air/gas and how the idea connects to rocket blast off!

“Everywhere I have gone today I have had children telling me how amazing their workshop was. They can’t stop talking about it.”
Emma Bonnin, Headteacher

“It was just lovely to see the children leaving the workshops, enthused and with beaming faces,” concludes Arlene. “The physics day was a huge success, and we are so grateful to Ogden Trust for making this happen for our children.”

students seated on the floor watch a female scientist

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