Phizzi Pods

14 March 2019

Finding science resources can often mean a lunchtime dash around the school, especially during science week. Dr Jenny Watson, Regional Rep for The Ogden Trust, embarked on finding a solution and Phizzi Pods were born.

“This resource kit, inspired by the ASE conference, is just great for having things at my fingertips for answering children's science questions and letting them explore,” says Jenny. “I filled my Phizzi Pod with the equipment needed for some of my favourite hands-on physics investigations for KS2 and KS1 children.”

Pupils at Tardebigge CE First School, from the Bidford Primary Partnership, took the Phizzi Pod for a test run. Science leader, Kelly Horton observed: "It was lovely to see all the children gravitate towards the box, they automatically picked up pieces, observed them and asked questions. The children were led by Jenny to investigate an initial piece from the box; as the children asked questions, Jenny found something else from the box to help them answer their own questions.

“The use of child led enquiry was clear, and with a good knowledge of the box, easily explored and built upon,” continued Kelly. “We are already building our own for Reception and Year 1, and beginning to think about how we link it to the Key Stage 2 science curriculum. Thank you to Dr Watson for such a wonderful idea!"

Phizzi Pods can be put together cheaply and easily with a few common resources; the boxes can be ordered online but can be sourced from other retailers too. A resource kit like this can be used for everything from exploring materials with KS1 to investigating astronaut visors or making till roll solar systems with KS2. It could be used for whole class teaching, science clubs, teaching assistant intervention sessions or for training your Science Ambassadors or staff. A suggested list of contents and activities can be found here.

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