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Inter-school electricity science fair

Published: 17 May 2019

Earlier this month, the Hertford & Ware Primary Partnership hosted an inter-schools Electricity Science Fair with teams competing in a challenge based on The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage.

Eight teams of KS2 pupils from six of the partnership schools took part in the event at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. Each team had been given the brief to modernise the pulley system used by Mr and Mrs Grinling to transport the lunch basket from the cottage to the lighthouse.

Bayford Primary created a fantastic moving pulley system complete with a seagull sensor on the basket. Children from Priors Wood designed and made their own themed lighthouses while Hertingfordbury Cowper and St Andrew Stanstead Abbotts used wheels powered by a motor to move their models. St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School had also researched the history of lighthouses, creating a chime to warn ships about rocks!

The team from Hertford St Andrew, all members of the school’s Electricity and Engineering Club, had used DUPLO and a spinning propeller to pull up the lunch basket. They had also created a working seagull alarm and light!

Each team presented their project posters and models to a panel of judges made up of school governors and the five other primary schools. In the end, after much deliberation and discussion Bayford were announced as the winners, receiving snap electricity kits to take back to school.

During the fair, the pupils also got to take part in lots of interesting electricity investigations which included making coin batteries, fruity batteries and scribblebots. They could even create moving toothbrush creatures using watch batteries, tiny motors and toothbrush heads. This was by far the most popular activity, according to Ronnie and Emily H from Hertford St Andrew.

“The fair was a fantastic way to celebrate the passion and ingenuity of the children and school staff,” says Miss Raw from Hertford St Andrew School. “It was lovely to see all of our partnership Phizzi electricity resources in action and to see the children getting hands-on with the Phizzi practicals. The projects that the children presented showed off all that they had learnt in their work on electricity and the literacy link to The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch was a great hook!”

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